Mon 1st of May 2017 – Burnt


I’m a really trying to stay positive and focus on my own family and life. But what a country I’m living in at the moment. With Brexit all immigrants including myself were spit in the face. It feels personal and I’m not over it. 

Britain is a very unequal country led by a government who is actively trying to make it more unequal. The NHS is getting less funding and possibly more privatisation. Schools have to cut costs. Extra money however will be pumped into new elite schools under the pretext that some of those places will benefit some poorer people - while all research clearly says that on the whole it will benefit the people who don’t need any more help.

Going to university now cost £9250/year and that figure is set to go up every year until 2020. Interest rates on student loans will this year rise to 6.1% (!!!!!). This will make sure that the less wealthy won’t consider taking the financial risk of getting a good education.


Britain 'graciously' offered to take in a few thousands refugees as long as they were children and then didn’t even do that. What a shameful country! It's Germany lighting the path these days in morals it seems, how things have changed.

And Corbyn, don’t get me wrong, I think you’re an egocentric phoney, who backstabbed labour on Brexit, and you're hurting the people you claim to stand for. But right now there is no other option.



In short, I’m disgusted by this country and very angry, but it’s too late to leave. I have my life here now and I’ve also pumped 12 years of hard work and taxes into it, so all I can do now is help to make it better, but right now I’m just very angry and I don’t see much improvement for the foreseeable future. 


ps. the photo is from a piece of burnt wood, it’s burnt but beautiful