Mon 2nd of September 2019 – Splash


Yet another big Brexit day today, they keep on coming. For me the best scenario would of course be a general election and then Brexit fully cancelled. Sadly, that would leave about half the country very angry. No matter what happens now, much of the damage has been done. Perhaps the worst thing that has happened over the last three years is the enormous polarisation, with growing hatred and misunderstanding on both sides. People listen to their own views only and their views grow stronger.


I haven't applied for 'settled status' yet because I find it offensive that I have to, I'm pushing it forward until I really have no choice. 


On the bright side, with the house move done and my youngest now almost 2 years old I'm slowly getting a bit of time again to spend on art/photography. I want to try to find a way of publishing 'Take a Look at Yourself' in the next half year and an idea for a new project has been brooding in my month since two days ago. 


Above is my youngest daughter having water fun in our garden. Onwards and upwards!