Wed 2nd of December 2020 – Zebra Death


With kids you find the coolest things in the bath tub, even zebras! I was lying in the bath the other day, looking at the beautiful blue tiles that I chose and that were put in over a year ago. They're good quality so I was thinking they might still be there 100 years from now, long after I'm gone. I think about death every day, usually many times a day. But it doesn't bring me down. For me it's just the other side of the coin of being alive. I thought everyone did this, but I discovered that many people never think about death, which surprised me. I'm so aware of death I think, because I  don't want to waste the years I have. And I'm super aware of that. That death will come, and you don'tk now when. And how did I get from a Zebra in the bathtub to death - well someone accused me last week of not writing anything with the picture. So boom! There it is... ;)