Wed 3rd of July 2013 – Puppy Fluffy

Soooo, yesterday I tweeted and facebooked the postcards that I'm now selling on my website. They turned out so nice, a set costs only £ 3.75, everyone seems to love them. But not a single person has actually bought a set. Absolutely no one at all. I fully accept it's not easy trying to be an artist, but you guys are making it hard here. I need to sell 60 sets of those to break even. And the only reason I want to sell 60 sets as quick is possible is because then I'll make a new set of five, which I'm already excited about. 


Don't people write postcards anymore. Are the dogs not puppy and fluffy enough? Is the above better? I don't generally do puppy and fluffy, and I don't really want to. What is people, let me know!