Thu 4th of January 2024 – Keep Talking

2024 Has started. And we’re yet again in the middle of a world mess. Hamas terrorists who committed unspeakable horrors to people in Israel. And Israel, a democratic country, has reacted with genocide which is still ongoing (yes, it’s genocide, I can’t see a different descriptive term for it). The US and UK and many other mostly Western countries have a shameful role in making this possible. Technology keeps racing forward as war is everywhere. Artificial Intelligence marches on for good and bad. The world is changing rapidly and it doesn’t feel it’s going in the right direction or that the average person has much control. And have I mentioned climate change?

So what do you do then? I don’t know to be honest. But I do try to hang out with those closest to me, and I try to be good to them and teach them kindness. And to take care of them and teach them to take care of others. I shot this a few days ago - I love it. 

One more thing. I know multiple people from Israel. Some of whom have, perhaps understandably, been trying to write the edge of what’s happening in Gaza. And I know plenty of people who fanatically support Gaza and who would rather not mention what Hamas did and what the history of Jewishness entails. And I’ve seen that if you like certain posts on social media and not others, very quickly you only see the posts that you already agree with, shutting out other positions and options. You will get fed what you already believe on social media. So as a result people only follow people with the same opinions and they stop talking to people they don’t agree with. 

But I strongly believe the only way forward is to keep talking to each other no matter what. Even if some people in Israel would love to see all 2 million Palestinians dead and even if some people in Gaza would love to see all 9 million Israelis dead - I like to think that’s a small minority and whether it is or not it’s definitely not the way forward. 

So if people on both sides want happy, safe and fulfilling lives for their children they will have to talk to eachother. Palestinians will one day have to acknowledge that Israel is there to stay. And Isrealis will one day have to acknowledge that to make their dream possible roughly 75 years ago they did take the land of many others and and they will have to give part of it back. 

To keep talking I’ve also not unfollowed (almost) anyone as I don’t only want to hear echos of my own voice. And I hope I won’t get hatred for failing to fanatically choose only one side as I don’t see how that helps anyone. Anyways.... This post is getting too long. 

The main thing is that I wish everyone the best 2024 they could have. And with health and peace and kindness. And that one day people everywhere can take images like the above without fearing a bomb might fall on their house at any moment.