Sat 7th of April 2018 – Life



I’m finding life difficult at the moment, it (life) sort of fell on me over the last few days. Running my own business, two kids, the youngest being six months. Moving house this week, to a temporary place. The London rat race.


The house-move made me run into old diaries from 20 years ago which made me think about the avenues I’ve gone into and the ones I haven’t. It made me wonder about life and getting older. About becoming a retoucher for a living, which generally speaking I find a very pointless job. But I make up for this for me with photography and art. Is that enough?


I started thinking about my friends, and what they mean to me. And that I miss them because almost none of them live near me. About old girlfriends or flings and what they meant and mean to me, and where they went. About Móni of course, who is awesome, and who I hope will still be by my side in 20 years and more.


So yeah, it’s a lot, and writing this down now helps. I’m glad I didn’t go to the cinema today to see Maya the Bee. It meant I got to tidy up both the flat and my head a bit. I need that, but there is very little time these days. And that’s something I might need to work on. 

This image was shot by my oldest daughter, who will turn five soon. I gave her a camera about six months ago with a roll of film in it, and she kind of didn’t really care, but she filled the roll in the end and this is one of the 36.