Tue 8th of May 2012 – Cairo Date

Very old picture, from back when I was in Cairo for a few weeks. 


I 'put' my dad back on the train to Leeuwarden this morning. He's in better health then a year ago, but very grey now. Odd to see your dad get older. It was good to have him here for a few days.


I might have mentioned this already but here we go again: from wednesday the 16th of May I'll be participating in an exhibition in Amsterdam.


The new bit of info is that on Friday the 18th of May I'm expected two give a two hour (!!!) presentation. I have no idea yet of how I'll fill that timeslot, but I'll think of something.


And to avoid the possibility of noone showing up, I now urge you all to reserve that ticket and come - it will be fun! And this is the link.