Tue 12th of February 2013 – Frazer

I think I mentioned that for an organisation called Attend I photographed seven people about two weeks ago. Three of the portraits are now up on the wall in John Lewis in Oxford Street - third floor in the bistro. I'm very proud of this portrait of Frazer, whose story is the following:


"When I was 21 I was involved in a road accident. It injured my brain and i was in hospital for two years. After that I found a job in Sainsbury's, working a few hours a week. Although this was good news, I didn't feel like myself anymore. I was alive, but I didn't feel happy. I was very stressed. I came to Attend ABI and worked with Kieran. He helped me with communication skills and my CV. He helped me to increase my hours and experience at Sainsbury's. Now when I wake up I think to myself, 'I like my home. I now live with my daughter. I have a cat who I love. I'm much happier'."


More to follow on this.