Tue 14th of March 2017 – Burnt Wood


What a month, quite extreme for me at least. I went to the funeral of my uncle who died much too young. But if my kids ever speak on my funeral like his did at his son and daughter did at his then I know I did a good job as a father.


I also had my first exhibition in four years and I must say it feels as like a big success. The project I had doubts about all of the 2.5 years I was working on it looked great when it came together framed and on the walls. I'm very proud of it. 


One of the ladies in the project died this month and I went to see her days before she passed away. We had a very open conversation about how she was and what was happening. I cried, said goodbye and she told me to always keep smiling. I left and that was it. Very sad but it was also beautiful. 


In the meantime commercial work has (finally) been relentless with big projects, working every weekend and many nights. I'm exhausted to the point where I"m slurring my speech but happy. 


So, elections. Dutch people, please don't dent my faith in humanity even more then has already happened in the last 12 months, and do the right thing. We'll know tomorrow. Good night.


Oh, and the picture. Shot with my phone of a piece of burnt wood on a building site nearby. I want to go back this week with a proper camera, how amazing does that look! And how much alike to the Turkish bread I shot way back in 2009.