Sat 16th of October 2021 – Ossetian Pie


During lockdown I did a lot of baking. So when I went back to the office there was only one solution to keep doing that. I bought an oven for the office. One of the builders next door, Sozlan, knew I was doing a lot of baking. Ah himself was having trouble making the Ossetian pie his mother used to make (he’s from Ossetia) so he proposed a collaboration. He brought me the filling and I did some online research and then used his filling to make the pie - with tips from his mother. Later that day I enjoyed Ossetian pie with the builders and my colleagues. 

And to turn this into a negative. Had Brexit come 15 years earlier then I would not have been here in the UK.  Nor would Sozlan have been here. London was a magnet for young ambitious hard working Europeans who brought a lot to this country. And sadly  the borders to those people are now closed. It still makes me sad. And it made England poorer.

Back to now. It was an inspiring  moment and I now know how to make Ossetian pie. And Sozlan now has the recipe for the dough.

In the image above you can see croissants that are proofing in the bedroom at home, so our cat Mila can’t get to them. I’m very proud of my croissants, as croissants are very very hard to make.