Sun 22nd of September 2013 – The Sky is the Limit

It's Sunday night and I'm in the office. But for good reasons. Tomorrow night I'll be travelling to Amsterdam to set up for Unseen Amsterdam. I'll be there in Niche B at the festival all days except Friday and am looking forward to seeing some of you. So I'm preparing for that now, with a glass of Glenlivet on my side. 


Saturday I got some great news at 5 in the morning that kept me from sleeping after that. 'Return to Sender' has been shortlisted for the Aperture Photobooks Award in the First Photobook category. This is great news! I've worked on that so hard for so long and it feels great that people seem to appreciate it. The winner will be announced at Paris Photo on November 15th.


I'm also working on the Kickstarter to fund my next book Doggies. If you haven't already, please do check it out, and please do share the link with others. I really want to make this book happen and right now I don't feel it's going fast enough. If you back 'Doggies' you will not only help fund an art photography project, but you will also get a beautiful book in return. Two birds in one stone as they say in English. Or 'two flies with one swat' as they say in the Netherlands.


Click here to go to the project.


ps. this image above is part of a series I'm working on that I'm already totally passionate about, even though it's just started - all in due time though