Thu 22nd of December 2016 – Dark Clouds


It's almost Christmas time, which is supposed to be happy time. And it will be for me because I'll spend it with my family who mean more to me then anything else in the world. Good.


And I'll make a more positive post before the year ends. But for now, I think I still haven't come to grips with all the darkness I see in the papers at the moment. And have seen over the past year. But somehow the darkest for me might be that in America almost 50 million people actively chose that they want to be led by, that they want their most important role model to be a hateful, mysogenistic, racist bully. How can that be? It's really darkened my world view. How can anyone vote for such a nasty human being, how can that be???


Anyway, this image is of a beautiful forest somewhere in Kent, shot not that long ago. Bedgebury forest.