Thu 26th of March 2015 – Talent

Yup, still going through old images.


I don't remember who this guy is, but I do remember I got paid for taking this image. Not much, since this was even before I studied photography, but still.


There is absolutely nothing good about this image. There is no energy, no composition, no technique. There is absolutely nothing, but I mean nothing even vaguely interesting about this image no matter how desperate you look for it. And even worse, this is not one failed shot on a roll, or a test. Nor is it his fault. I've got a whole roll full of images of this guy and they're all like this. Plus, I've got many more rolls from back then with different subjects but the same terrible quality photography. I call them 'people standing in front of backgrounds'.


So it's safe to say that I've got absolutely no inherent talent for photography.  Fortunately I didn't see that back then, I might have stopped if I had seen really how bad I was.


So, the upside is that I'm still taking pictures because I love it and I do actually belief now that some of my more recent pictures might stand the test of time and the scrutiny of others. I'll revisit that in ten years time, haha.


The lesson: whoever is out there shooting crap - keep at it as long as your'e enjoying it!