Mon 28th of January 2013 – William

What a day!


I shot this polaroid of Will last night as a lighting test for today's shoot. It was for a charity called Attend and I shot 7 portraits of people with minor brain damage. Film, polaroid, digital, the lot. Great people and I think some great portraits.


Back in the office 500 books were waiting for me in boxes and I was a bit terrified to open the first box. After pouring a whisky I did so and 4.5 years after starting Return to Sender I finally had a physical object in my hand, and it looks amazing!!! Thanks to everyone who helped me with this and I hope to see many of you on Thursday. I'm still working on getting the exhibition ready but all on schedule and I promise it will look great. 

If you want to order the book with a discount, click HERE and pick it up on the launch in KK Outlet on Thursday.

And now, time for some food and perhaps another whisky :)