Mon 28th of August 2017 – Angel


Another glorious summer day in London. I've just donated blood for the second time in 12 years since I've moved to London which is not enough but I'll try to do better. 


And some very exciting news, my images have made it into two separate competitions. And as a result of that into two exhibitions. 


For Portrait of Britain a portrait of the wonderful Gillian was selected which will be shown on advertising boards all across the UK all through September. 


And the Renaissance Photography Prize selected two (!!) images I shot a few years ago and they will be shown at the Getty Images Gallery in central London from 10 until 21 October. 


I'll be sending out a newsletter tomorrow with all the details. 


And above here, my angel, who will soon have a little sister. Shot on a trip to Epping Forest.


Enjoy the weather everyone!