Sun 30th of May 2021 – Cobwebs II


It’s been so long again since I posted, and so much happens, but there seems little time to sit down and write. 

Covid - we’ve really opened up now and I’ve very much enjoyed museum visits with the kids and by myself. Meeting people in person again. Lunch out with Monica, which is happening tomorrow. Things that used to be normal, but not so much in the past year.

Politics - I was stunned again this month by how the government of Israel can get away with things that no other country in the world could get away with and with the full support of America and it’s allies. It’s disgusting to see and people get angry, but nothing changes and the world moves on. 

A trip - yes, we cancelled the holiday with the family to the Netherlands for the fourth time, but I am popping over there this week for 3 days just to see my parents and sister. Long overdue and I’m very much looking forward to it. 3 PCR tests in total and self isolation afterwards.

Photography - much more going on then usual I think, which feels great. Things are coming together and there are new ideas. The image above is the second one I’m posting of a cobweb. A new photographic interest and it’s a very slowgoing 'project'. But the slow speed does really fit the subject matter, so all good there :)