Thu 31st of December 2020 – What a Year


A year gone by. And what does one say about 2020. Most people are very glad to see the back of it, and that's fair enough. There was a lot of awfulness in 2020. But for me at least, there were also plenty of positives. Being at home suits me relatively well. I've cooked more, learned to make really good bread. I've eaten better. I've seen my kids more (24/7 pretty much). But I missed my family and friends in the Netherlands. And also the ones here. I enjoyed beers under the bridge instead of in pubs and cafe's. I've missed restaurants and museums. But I've enjoyed getting to know the people in my street. Good and bad, like in most years, but weirder. In the picture a bit of cake I baked for a friend so we could celebrate his birthday outside, under the bridge near my house. There is some romance in celebrating birthdays like that, in the cold, under a bridge. Those are moments I will remember with a smile. On to 2021, I wish it will be great moments for all!