Sat 26th of August 2017 – Nayland


I just stayed a week on a farm near Nayland in Suffolk, which was truly wonderful. Pigs, goats, ponies, sheep, chickens (with fresh eggs every day), a small lake, a swimming pool. We picked blackberries, made juice with that. Good dinners. God, it was nice, our summer holiday.


Then I got a attacked in London our first night back by some moron who sounded very frustrated with life and seemed on drugs. It was a bit scary but it never got past a bit of pushing. But we definitely knew we were back in London, haha. That's obviously not one of the good bits of London, but I do still very much love London. 


Oh, and I played around with a friends large format Shen Hao camera, which was a lot fun, here one of the images, processed in the kitchen last night.